Nextmol has been awarded the NEOTEC 2020 grant by the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI), entity of the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation, for the biannual project “NEXTMOL: PLATAFORMA SAAS PARA ACELERAR EL DISEÑO DE NUEVOS QUÍMICOS” (SNEO-20201335). This grant of 250.000€ will fund the development of new Machine Learning models specifically tailored to chemical applications, together with the consolidation of the computational infrastructure of the company.

The NEOTEC grant funds new business projects from small innovative companies that require the use of technology or knowledge developed from the research activity and in which the business strategy is based on the development of their own technology. Around 500 SMEs participated in this call for proposals, being one of the most competitive grants in Spain. Nextmol has ranked #2 among all the submitted proposals.