The project “Commercialization study of BigDFT for chemistry applications” (BigDFT4CHEM), led by Nextmol, has won the call for Spin-off Initiatives launched by the EXDCI-2 consortium. The aim of BigDFT4CHEM is to study the market and commercialization possibilities of the open-source code BigDFT applied to the chemical industry and to contribute to closing the gap between the scientific “gem” and its commercial application.

BigDFT is a fast, precise & flexible DFT code for ab-initio atomistic simulation and in-silico
characterization of challenging materials and bio-systems. Any organization (company, university, research center… ) performing innovative research of materials and macro-molecular systems at the nanoscale can benefit from this technology.

Currently, platforms such as Nextmol and Aiida integrate BigDFT as a part of their computational codes.

Source: EXDCI – BigDFT4CHEM wins the EXDCI Call for Spin-off Initiatives