Cloud-based molecular modeling & artificial intelligence for chemical innovation

Design new chemicals faster & easier than ever before

A computational laboratory
at your fingertips

Workflows, computations, results, analyses, and knowledge centralized in a collaborative and easy-to-use environment

Nextmol enables “in silico” experimentation


A catalog of ready-to-use molecules and workflows for a faster and simpler setup


Flexible High Performance Computing (HPC) resources in the cloud


Collaborative interface for
project-oriented teamwork

our customers
are solving with

Study a large variety of
physico-chemical phenomena.

  • Adsorption affinity at interfaces, including stability, energies and rates
  • Formation of self-assembled surface films
  • Competition for the surface and synergistic/antagonistic effects
  • Structural and electronic properties of chemical molecules
  • Tribological properties such as interfacial shear stress, friction coefficient or viscosity

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