Who we are

We have come together as a team to contribute to the digital transformation of the chemical industry and to a more sustainable future.

Dr. Mónica de Mier
Dr. Mónica de Mier CEO
MBA, PhD in Engineering

R&D manager at Abengoa

Business Development at Barcelona Supercomputing Center

Dr. Stephan Mohr
Dr. Stephan MohrScientific Director
PhD in Physics

Researcher at University Basel, CEA Grenoble and Barcelona Supercomputing Center

Sergi Cortes
Sergi CortesCTO
Telecommunications Engineer
Programming expert 
in web technologies
Dr. Rémi Pétuya
Dr. Rémi PétuyaSenior R&D Engineer
PhD in Chemistry

Researcher at Université de Bordeaux, Donostia Int. Physics Center and University of Liverpool

Dr. Carles Martí
Dr. Carles MartíSenior R&D Engineer
PhD in Chemistry

Researcher at Università di Perugia, Université de Toulouse – Paul Sabatier and CNRS/ENS Lyon

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